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Big Rig Driver Fatigue

The majority of America’s commercial cargo is transported by big rigs – powerful and massive semi-trucks. These trucks have detachable trailers, typically hauling up to 80,000 lbs across the continent. Because these vehicles constantly travel great distances, the drivers regularly endure long hours at the wheel. With the added pressure from trucking companies to deliver the goods in the least time possible, the truckers tend to take dangerous risks on the road. Constantly enduring long hours of driving can cause fatigue, and fatigue can cause accidents.

To prevent big rig driver fatigue, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration established the Hours of Service regulations. These rules specify how many hours per day a semi driver can drive, how long he should rest, and how many hours per week he is allowed to drive.

However, carriers at times make promises of quick deliveries. The pressure of meeting the deadline can encourage the truckers to drive too fast or drive for much longer periods than is legal. Both options can end in devastating accidents.

If you or a loved one was injured as a result of a big rig semi-truck accident, you may find medical bills piling up uncontrollably. You need someone to represent you. You need a reputable personal injury attorney to preserve your rights and get you the justice you deserve.

Jami S. Oliver, a successful Columbus personal injury lawyer, will help you face the liable trucking company and seek acceptable and fair damages to compensate you or your pain and suffering.

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