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When a person unlawfully touches or attacks another person causing physical pain or injury as well as emotional distress, then the case pertains to battery. It means ‘to beat’ derived from the Latin word batture.

Legally speaking, battery occurs when there is intentional physical contact through force or without the consent of the victim. Threat alone can be considered as assault; on the other hand, when there is actual physical contact which resulted to bodily harm to the victim, then it is classified as battery.

Other common examples of battery include throwing an object which hits another person, or knocking a tray of food out of a person’s hands.

When a person is injured due to another person's careless or reckless behavior, the victim has the right to demand compensation. It is every individual’s duty to act with reasonable care towards others and to show them the respect they deserve. When a person does not uphold this duty, legal repercussions may arise for injury caused.

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