For more than a decade from 1960 to 1975, a toxic herbicide identified as Agent Orange was rampantly used by the United States military to defoliate the land and dense forests of Vietnam in order to deny food and protection for their enemies. These chemicals contained dioxin, the most toxic chemical known to science which has been proven to cause numerous serious debilitating and fatal diseases that take years to develop.

Thousands of veterans have already received compensation and their families have already benefited from the class action lawsuit filed against the manufacturers. Regrettably, the benefits from the settlement have since dried up, ending on December 31, 1994.

But thanks to a Supreme Court decision on June 9, 2003 which paved the way and opened the doors, veterans who have been diagnosed and are suffering from Agent Orange conditions after 1994 can now pursue claims against the manufacturers.

If you are a veteran suffering from Agent Orange condition and have not received compensation from the previous settlement, you can find out if you qualify to seek for compensation. Or, if you are someone who has been exposed to Agent Orange at one time or another and have been diagnosed to have any of the diseases included in the Department of Veterans Affairs list of diseases attributed to Agent Orange such as cancer of the blood, bone, esophagus, and such, then you may also be entitled to full monetary recovery you need and deserve.

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